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  • 2020年5月11日



Health ministry confirmed that a student of Wuhan University, 中国, who travelled to Kerala, India, has tested positive for Coronavirus (nCoV). The patient, who is in isolation at the hospital, is stable and is being closely monitored. Health officials said that the case from Kerala was informed by NIV Pune and that they will set in place a Nipah like protocol.At present, 10 人 are in isolation ward at different hospitals and the health department had sent 18 samples for testing to NIV, Pune.

3 ) Spread of 中国 s novel Coronavirus

中国’国家卫生委员会(National Health Commission)周四表示,截至周三末,仍有1,370名患者处于危急状况,并且有12,167人被怀疑感染了该病毒。康复后共有124人出院。据报告,共有1737例新确诊病例,其中包括西藏首例,4148例疑似病例,38例死亡-湖北省37例,四川省1例。该委员会称,周三共追踪了88,693位密切接触者,并补充说,其中有2,364位在周三从医疗观察中出院,另有81,947人仍在接受医疗观察,据国营新华社报道。行政区域截至周三报告了10例确诊病例,到目前为止,在美国已诊断出5例冠状病毒病例,无一例致命。阿联酋的四口中国游客一家成为中东’最初的病毒病例。

3 ) Coronavirus cases in 中国 surpasses SARS cases

The Indian establishment beyond the state has been far more vocal in its criticism of 中国. Recently, retired diplomats have faulted 中国 for its initial response and lack of transparency, with some advocating the use of the term “Wuhan 病毒.” It was particularly striking to see two former foreign secretaries and China hands unusually pointing to the lack of democracy in 中国 as part of the problem.


In the public sphere, though, anti-China sentiment has gone mainstream in a way usually reserved for India’s other rival, Pakistan. Prime-time news segments, if not entire shows, detail 中国’s role, and memes are proliferating on social media. They largely blame 中国 for the origin of the 病毒, and criticize its lack of disclosure, its influence on the WHO, its sidelining of Taiwan, the quality of its medical supplies, and what are seen as its efforts to take diplomatic or commercial advantage of the crisis. While this outcome is not surprising for a country where only 23% of those surveyed in 2019 had a favorable view of 中国, there is little doubt that the crisis has intensified concern.

A number of global airlines, including Air India, British Airways, Lion Air and Indigo airlines on Wednesday suspended their flights to Chinese cities.British Airways halted all flights to 中国 and American Airlines suspended Los Angeles flights to and from Shanghai.Air India and South Korean budget carrier Seoul Air are also halting all flights to the country, and Indonesia’狮航计划做同样的事情。其他航空公司,包括芬兰航空,香港国泰航空和新加坡捷星亚洲航空,都在削减航班。印度航空于1月31日至2月14日暂停了其在德里-上海航线的航班。从2月1日开始的空港路线,以及从2月1日到20日的德里至成都路线,北京也一直在要求中国人不要因为这种病毒而在国内外旅行。

3 ) US companies in 中国 struggle to re-open

Asian stocks slipped while gold and bonds were in demand on Thursday as worries about the spread of a new 病毒 from 中国 sent investors heading for safety.The Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged on Wednesday, as expected, although bank Chairman Jerome Powell’关于低通胀前景的评论增加了美国政府债券’ appeal.MSCI’日本以外的亚太地区最广泛股票指数下跌0.8%,至近七周低点。日本’日经指数下跌了1%。香港’恒生周三扩大’s drop and Taiwan’自农历新年以来,基准指数开盘低开1.5%。基准10年期美国国债收益率随价格上涨而下跌,隔夜暴跌近9个基点至1.5790%,而在2017年低至1.5750%。亚洲交易,不远高于周二触及的三个月低点1.5700%。

3 ) How is 中国 trying to contain the 病毒

3 ) Foreign nationals evacuate 中国

3 ) What is new in the 中国 病毒 outbreak


病毒比细菌小。科学家可以’同意他们是否生活。病毒不能独立于宿主繁殖。它们可以寄生所有生命形式,例如动物,植物,真菌和细菌。特定病毒取决于特定主机。他们劫持细胞以使用主机’s cellular machinery for reproduction. They exit everywhere on the planet. In the past five years the number of species identified have increased by 20 times.The Wuhan 新冠病毒, or 2019-nCoV, is part of a family of 病毒es named for the effect created by spike proteins on their shells, or capsids.Seven kinds of 新冠病毒 can infect 人 which includes 2019-nCoV, SARS and MERS.Coronaviruses are initially transmitted from animals to humans. 中国 says 2019-nCoV can be transmitted between 人.


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